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Also known as friction stay hinges, window friction hinges are a variable  window hinge that enables the secure opening and closing of windows with an adjustable friction slide which helps to hold the window in an open position. Your window can be top hung or side hung depending on its position, the direction that it opens, and its purpose.  The types of friction stay hinge available are:

  • Standard friction stay hinges are the most common.  They are set to a maximum opening angle
  • Restricted friction stay hinges limit the opening of a window for safety reasons
  • Egress friction stay hinges are used to provide emergency exits that comply with building regulations.  The hinge arm will slide along the stay to allow access outside.

The Lock Genie can change window friction hinges to meet your requirements, and also carry out adjustments to ensure the correct function.  Over time it is common for the friction pad to become looser which means that your window won’t stay open as desired.

HINGES & CLOSERS door lock


Are you finding it difficult to close and lock your external doors and windows?  This can usually be fixed by adjusting the door hinges which can shift over time. 

The Lock Genie have the expertise and tools needed to carry out door hinge adjustments so that you don’t have to struggle and run the risk of being unable to lock your door or become locked out.


Double glazed doors are usually fitted with butt hinges or flag hinges.

Butt hinges are commonly found on lower specification uPVC French doors and frames and offer little or no adjustment.  They are also commonly used on composite doors as they do not drop or warp as much as uPVC.

Flag hinges are used on better quality doors and offer greater adjustment.

If you have doors that have been fitted with butt hinges that have sagged or dropped or not installed properly it may be impossible to align the doors correctly.  The extra strain trying to lock misaligned doors will often cause the multi-point locks to fail and jam the door shut or mean that the door cannot be locked.

The best and most cost effective solution is to replace the butt hinges with flag hinges which offer more adjustment in all planes and reduce the strain on the locking mechanism.  Call The Lock Genie for a no obligation quote.  We will advise you on the best options for adjusting or replacing flag or butt hinges in the Melksham, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Devizes and Corsham area.

Patio door hinge
BS3621 Fortress 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock. Closures and locks


In a public or commercial building you may want certain doors to close in a controlled manner instead of the door slamming after it has been opened.  The Lock Genie can supply and install the 2 main door closers:

  • Transom door closers which are fitted within the frame at the head of the door and therefore look neater as they are concealed.  The springs inside the mechanism are available in different levels of strength so it is important to fit the correct one for the size and weight of the door.
  • Surface mounted door closers are the most common type of door closer. They are mounted to the surface of the door or frame, and can therefore be fitted to most doors. 

The Lock Genie are specialists in the installation of surface mounted and transom door closers.  Call now for expert advice.


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